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Athletes and CBD Use: Why Do Organized Sports Allow It?

Athletes and CBD Use: Why Do Organized Sports Allow It?

Some organized sports are allowing their athletes to participate in CBD use, but why? See why ahtletes are making a case for CBD.CBD Oil for Athletes

When you think of performance enhancers for athletes, cannabis isn’t the first to come to mind. All that is changing with research into the power of CBD use for athletes.

Let’s look at why athletes are making a case for allowing CBD use across all sports.

CBD Use and Athletes

While it might surprise you to hear that athletes campaign for CBD use as a natural performance enhancer, that’s exactly what we’re telling you! It isn’t some crack-pot idea either – there is a whole lot of research to back the idea up.

We are going to get right into the many impressive effects of CBD use for athletes. But first, let’s first deal with the elephant in the room: cannabis.

What’s the Difference Between CBD and Cannabis?

Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is one of several properties found in cannabis. It is non-psychoactive. Not only does it not give a high, studies show that it reduces the ‘high’ effect of THC, another cannabis extract.

CBD is the main ingredient in medical cannabis products. It is generally taken as a pill or used applied topical to sore muscles in oil form.

CBD can help with medical conditions from epilepsy and multiple sclerosis to post-traumatic stress disorder and heart disease. The cannabinoids trigger the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system, in turn, provides relief, assists with memory storage, calms fear response and regulates hormones throughout the body. It releases inflammation and triggers natural self-repair processes.

It is worth repeating before we move on: CBD oil capsules and topical applications do not contain THC. They do not leave users feeling high.

We are yet to turn to what it can do for athletes in particular, but you get the picture – it’s magic stuff!

What CBD Does for Athletes

Let’s check out some of the many applications of CBD for better results for those of you training hard and wanting faster recovery.

1. Reduces Inflammation

CBD is an anti-inflammatory. You can apply it to swollen post-match injuries, or even before a work-out as a preventative. Many athletes take pain medication for anti-inflammatory effects, and using CBD is a great way to achieve the same result naturally.

2. Increases Recovery

There are few things worse for an active person than a doctor telling you to ‘rest up’ for a few weeks. The time looms large before you, as you watch the game from the bench. CBD reduces recovery time by reducing inflammation and promoting healing – which puts you back in the game faster.

3. Boosts Your Immune System

Anyone training hard knows about illness – you are especially prone because week after week you run yourself ragged every training session. But you aren’t about to lighten up on training. You can use CBD to improve your general wellness and boost your immune system, fighting off those pesky flu bugs.

4. Offsets Brain Injury

This is where we play the biggest card yet – CBD oil can not only improve head injuries but will reduce the likelihood of players getting one in the first place! It can reduce the severity of a concussion or other head trauma after a sports-knock.

5. Brings Lasting Pain Relief

CBD got famous as a medicinal aid by cancer and multiple sclerosis patients who swear by its powerful pain-killing effects. CBD can reduce pain without leaving you vague and groggy like some pain-killers, or worse – addicted to it.

6. Keeps You in Shape

While you might think of cannabis and see stoner-movies with groups of couch-dwellers with ‘the munchies’, CBD can actually reduce appetite. The ‘munchies’ is another one to blame on the THC. Cannabidiol controls appetite and improves the body’s metabolism, meaning the food you do eat is more likely to use than stored.

7. Cares for the Engine

As an active person, your body is your temple. If there is an option in front of you that can keep your body at a healthy shape, lower inflammation at the arteries as well as the muscular level, boost your immunity, protect your brain from head trauma, help you sleep better and generally relax you – why wouldn’t you take it?

What Are the Alternatives?

CBD is an essential method of self-care for today’s athletes. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at the other options out there for athletes.

Athletes not taking CBD aren’t going natural – they are using a list of over-the-counter medications. These anti-inflammatories, pain medications, and high-performance potions can be highly addictive and get to be expensive.

Studies are showing signs that the abuse of prescription painkillers among today’s younger athletes is driving them to heroin use in a growing number of cases. The overlap between prescription pain-killers and later heroin use among athletes are alarming.

Is It Legal?

CBD is a legal medical supplement, as it is hemp-derived. In terms of sports drug-testing though, this can depend on the code and advise you to do your research. As an effective alternative to prescription pharmaceuticals, we predict that sports agencies will increasingly allow its use for better performance (safely) and faster recovery for athletes.

In late 2017, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed hemp-derived CBD from the list of prohibited substances they test for. This means that many of the big sports leagues can now use it openly to treat pain and inflammation. WADA sets the path for sports groups globally to allow CBD use for their athletes.

How Is It Made?

CBD producers select hemp plants with strong concentrations of cannabidiol. Then the CBD is extracted through one of several ways: whole plant extraction; isolates extraction; alcohol extraction; soaking in alcohol; Roto-Vap; or CO2 method extraction.

Each extraction method produces a different potency and purity. Some work better on some crops than on others – it is a delicate science!

Where Can I Buy It?

If you are an athlete keen to try the potent anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, the best advice is to buy from a company focussed on sports people.

On our blog, we have detailed scientific studies on CBD use for active people. We also have an online shop, where you’ll find our entire product line-up. To know a healthy, pain-free, higher performing, natural you, try our organic products today!