Doctor Interviews:

CBD Questions Answered

In this 14 Episode interview, Floyd Landis, 2006 Tour de France winner and Olympian Dr. Peter Cox, Chiropractor Physician, answer questions about many CBD health benefits.

Floyd Landis

2006 Tour De France Winner


Dr. Peter Cox

Olympian | Dynamic Health & Wellness Chiropractor Physician

Dynamic Health Episode 1

Questions Answered

  • How did you get into the CBD Business?
  • Dr, Cox, when you first heard about Floyd and the CBD business, what was your reaction that?
  • Why do you thinks it’s important for the medical field to know what you’re doing with your products?

Dynamic Health Episode 2

Questions Answered

  • How does a person purchasing your product know what they’re really getting?
  • How are your products independently tested?
  • How important is it to a medical office knowing there is an absolute fine quality product coming into their office that follows a vigorous testing process?

Dynamic Health Episode 3

Questions Answered

  • There are a lot of products out there saying they have Hemp Oil, CBD Oil, Omega 3 Oil in them. What does that really mean? What is hemp seed? What is CBD? What are Omegas?
  • How many physicians are really familiar with hemp seed oil and CBD and Omegas and how they can help your body?
  • Do you have any specific tips for someone who is buying CBD in a bottle to really know what they are buying?

Dynamic Health Episode 4

Questions Answered

  • How is CBD actually extracted from these plants?

Dynamic Health Episode 5

Questions Answered

  • We’ve all heard the different terms for marijuana, cannabis, and hemp. What do all these terms mean?

Dynamic Health Episode 6

Questions Answered

  • If I take CBD products made from hemp, will I “get high?
  • What is it important to have a product like this in your office?

Dynamic Health Episode 7

Questions Answered

  • Why did you separate products by Full-Spectrum and Isolate?
  • Some studies show that trace amounts of THC can enhance the product. Do you believe that?
  • How important is it to have these different options in your office to offer a patient?

Dynamic Health Episode 8

Questions Answered

  • This is something that you really asked Floyd for when you guys met?
  • How is the Rx product you came up with different from say a full-spectrum or isolate product?
  • Is it safe to say the Floyd’s Rx is a higher dosage or more powerful?
  • Dr Cox, your patients have responded well do this?
  • Why is it important for doctors to control the sale [of Floyd’s Rx]?
  • Dr Cox, will you be offering all three products?

Dynamic Health Episode 9

Questions Answered

  • How does somebody which version of CBD to buy?
  • What does sublingual mean?
  • How is Floyd’s CBD Sports Cream different than others you have prescribed?

Dynamic Health Episode 10

Questions Answered

  • How much should I take? What’s a good starting point for people?
  • What do you typically tell patients in your office?
  • What are your feelings on when to take the products?

Dynamic Health Episode 11

Questions Answered

  • Talk about chronic pain and how it can be debilitating on the body.
  • How does CBD help chronic pain?
  • Is [CBD] acting the same way as taking an ibuprofen?
  • Floyd, how do you feel about how CBD helps chronic pain?

Dynamic Health Episode 12

Questions Answered

  • What are some of the major reasons why someone can’t sleep at night?
  • If you can’t sleep, or your not sleeping, how can that affect your every day life?
  • Floyd, a lot of people are saying that your products help them sleep. Is that true?
  • You don’t necessarily have to take the dose at night to sleep, either, do you?

Dynamic Health Episode 13

Questions Answered

  • What kind of toll does stress and anxiety take on the body?
  • What can you say about how CBD helps manage anxiety?
  • What’s the difference between taking a medication for anxiety, versus taking CBD?

Dynamic Health Episode 14

Questions Answered

  • How important is it to recover after a workout?
  • Please talk about  your protein and hydration drinks.
  • How did you feel after having the recovery CBD protein after your workout?
  • What do you feel CBD is actually doing to your body?