Topical Isolate CBD Cream, 1200mg

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Get over the pain and back in the game.
  • Grown and manufactured in Colorado
  • CO2 extracted
  • Only organic materials
  • Non-GMO
  • Isolate

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Get over the pain and back in the game

Whatever your activity, recovery is critical. Formulated to harness hemp’s secret weapon–CBD–our Topical Cream helps support healthy recovery from training and competition.*

Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Topical Cream uses the best strains that takes the edge off the pain and delivers an advantage over the competition. As you can expect from a Floyd’s of Leadville product there’s no preservatives or additives – just natural CBD hemp oil. Of course all our hemp is non-GMO so you get all of the goodness with none of the pesticides.

  • Grown and manufactured in Colorado
  • CO2 extracted
  • Only organic materials
  • Non-GMO
  • Isolate

*Orders normally ship within 2 business days; shipping available in the US only.

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Cannabidiol in NatraBase Eucalyptus Oil, Glycerin, Grape Seed Oil, Menthol, Olive Oil, Orange Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Primrose Oil, Proprietary Emulsifiers & Enhancers, Purified Water, Trolamine, Vitamin E


Contains 12mg of CBD per pump

6 reviews for Topical Isolate CBD Cream, 1200mg

  1. pbmullins

    As a physical therapist I have access to many modalities for pain. Specifically back pain that is not a radicular pain ( think disc problems) but sore muscle sprain/strain is common. Of all the modalities I have used, CBD transdermal is one of the most effective treatments. Pain just melts away in a matter of minutes without any smell or sensation.
    I have found it useful to use prophylacticly before long bike rides to ward off back pain.
    How does it work you may ask. I don’t know or care. I don’t need to understand that to appreciate it working.
    Does it make you high or change your sensorium? Not at all because it is not THC but CBD.
    It is nice to have this now in our arsenal to treat our musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

  2. pbmullins (verified owner)

    A relative got shingles and had been using prescription lidocain cream for terrible pain for weeks.I offered her the CBD transdermal Cream and she said it was the first night she rested not getting up every 2 hours.

    Also it is a surprisingly good hemmroid cream.

  3. Drdobroth (verified owner)

    Found this to be an excellent pain relief for shoulder muscle & arthritic pain. Works in 30 minutes to bring relief. The new package offers 100 dosses at cost far below similar products from other companies. Kudos to the increased dose & content size!

  4. pgcio (verified owner)

    Heads up for female cyclists. After a long ride, my parts that meet the saddle can feel raw and sore. This stuff is great! Goes on with a slight, pleasant cooling effect. And within a few hours, discomfort is gone. Also use for chafing from heart rate strap.

  5. jcope (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing!!!! I am an avid cyclist that has started to trail run, I get a lot of pain in my ankles after a run. I apply this transdermal cream and the pain is gone in minutes.

  6. j.lowe (verified owner)

    I’ve had chronic back pain for at least 8 years now. It’s been embarrassing explaining to employers why there’s always Vicodin in my system. I hated it. Now because of this new cream, I was able to stop taking Vicodin completely! I feel so much happier, energetic, healthy, and CBD isolate won’t show up on any drug tests! Works in minutes!

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