Share the CBD Love

What Moves You?


When we last sat down with Anne Keller and Jen Zeuner, they were elbow deep in pizza dough and about to embark on their eb*tches tour across the Pacific Northwest. Despite record temperatures and every obstacle that nature could throw at them, they still managed to keep smiling, pedaling and spreading the CBD love everywhere they went!

“Anne and I headed back to Fruita after the Gifford, regrouped, did some laundry, got a slice of pizza and headed towards Crested Butte.  We camped out at Cement Creek and basically rode from camp each day….The wildflowers were peaking, the views amazing and the conversation with the Moto guys entertaining! They couldn’t believe we were out there pedaling! It would take a minute or two for them to realize we were on Ebikes but they were still super impressed with the size of the rides and the fact that we could climb and descend along with them!”


While these tales of adventure sound epic, we’ll let their pictures tell the whole story


“Adding the Floyd’s products to the mix has really helped us along the way and recover so to get back out there. My hip is feeling great and I just had my 1 year anniversary [of my injury]. We cannot tell you how much we love everything! We have also been sharing  with people we have met along the way!”

That’s what we like to hear! Who’s been sharing Floyd’s with their friends on the trail? We’ve been giving away loads of Gems, Hydration Fuel and Recovery Protein lately and we hope you’ve been enjoying every milligram and sharing it with your friends, family and riding partners along the way!