Join Floyd Landis, Dave Zabriskie, and Neil Browne for a unique commentary on pro cycling and anything else that catches their attention. The US Podcast Service is unapologetic, raw, and with a whole lot of humor – the way you want your cycling. If you don’t like the truth we know another retired pro whose podcast you can listen to.Floyd Landis and Dave Zabriskie are Grand Tour champions, Spring Classics survivors, and business entrepreneurs. Their history in professional cycling, combined with their don’t give a s**t attitude, provides an insight into cycling most commentators are too afraid to discuss.

With Landis and Zabriskie no story is off limits or too hilarious. Want to hear about how DZ got yelled at for finishing inside the top 10 in a one-day classic? Or the time a team doctor climbed three stories outside Floyd’s hotel “spiderman style” to check and make sure the beds were grounded against electrical current?

It’s for this reason, and so many more, The US Service Podcast is going to be the podcast to download during the season. Neil Browne will keep the train on tracks, with goal of reining the guys in or at least keep the cursing to a minimum.

Episode 1: Tour of California Preview

Floyd Landis

Dave Zabriski

Neil Brown