What We’re Thankful for in 2020

Building Strength and Resilience as we Look to the Future

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Thanksgiving and the holiday season may look a little different this year and while most of us have trained harder, worked smarter and adapted like never before, we’re looking forward to crossing more finish lines with you next year. We have so much to be thankful for as we continue to build Floyd’s into an industry leader, and that wouldn’t be possible without you and your support over the years. Thank you. To our loyal fans, athletes, customers, and supporters we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and send our gratitude as we move forward to 2021. We are thankful for you.

In the spirit of the season we sat down with some of our amazing ambassadors to learn what they were thankful for this year. We could all use a boost of positivity right about now so we reached out to our incredible hardworking Floyd’s CBD ambassadors from around the country to find out how 2020 has offered them insight, creativity and positivity.

What are you thankful for?

“I’m thankful that bikes are great company for going solo this year.” Peter Stetina

“I lost my dad, grandmother and grandpa all three months apart this year and I want to say I’m thankful for real friends and family. I wouldn’t have made it through without them.” Kwabena Brenya

“I took what I could control and decided to create my own marathon race.  I raised money for my local homeless animal shelter where my pitbull came from and cats and raced my marathon on October 16th.  I had an amazing race.  My family made a finish line for me and my dog Eva was at the finish line.  It was the best finish race ever.”  Esther Collinetti

“This year has been challenging for us all, but I’m thankful for the extra time it’s given me to spend time with my husband and dog.”  Carmen Graves

“I’m really grateful for 2020 in that it’s given me the opportunity to reconnect with the roots of my sport. The forced disconnection from race results and frantic preparation for ‘the next thing’ has provided me a lot of space and energy to revisit the adventure and personal challenge of the sport of cycling in the quiet of isolation. It’s been a real blessing.” Gordon Wadsworth 

“I’m thankful for the time 2020 has allowed me to spend with my family, how it’s brought us closer and allowed us to become better connected.” Jedidiah Snelson

“I’m thankful for having all the wonderful people in my life who love me for who I am and continually push me to be a better partner, friend, sister, and daughter. I’m also thankful for the folks at Floyd’s who always provide all the recovery and support I need to pursue my love for the outdoors!” Emmeline Wang

“I’m thankful I live on a street with neighbors of every ethnicity, various religious backgrounds and diverse political beliefs…and we have found a way to be ‘Ohana. I’m thankful to have a patient, loving husband and a super snuggly FleaBiscuit Kitty to spend quarantine with!

I’m thankful for the awesome doctor who perfectly repaired both of my torn hip labrums and gave me back the gift of running! I’m thankful I only have First World problems.Stacey Hendry

“This year of all years, I’m grateful for all of the special people in my life, and the ability to ride up a mountain at dawn and see a sunrise. Also thankful to have met some like minded people crazy enough to push the limits when it’s not easy.” Jeff Jungsten

“This year I’ve been so thankful for the ability to foster relationships in new ways (i.e. more time on the phone/zoom) and I certainly feel like they are more meaningful now. Obviously super thankful to live in this freaking amazing state where the access to the outdoors is unparalleled, even during a pandemic.Rochelle Sceats-Basil 

“This year has been a strange one. While I’m thankful for so many things this year I have to keep in perspective what it all means and what our future holds for us moving forward into next year. One thought that comes to mind is that if I learned anything this year its that we need to love one another, care for our planet and care of ourselves for the health of humankind.” Lucho Rivera

“Honestly, I’m thankful for my faith. In such uncertain times, I’m thankful for something that is constant and doesn’t change and provides hope on a daily basis. Also, I’m thankful that the sport(s) I fell in love with (running and cycling) can be done whether or not things shut down.” Erin Laplander “Every moment of every day, we have options. In every situation, if we look, we will find either negatives or positives. Our perspective is the lens through which we see life. If you look for the positives in nearly any situation, you will find them. I am thankful for friends that help me ‘clean my lens’, friends (and fam) that help me refocus my perspective and remind me of the overwhelming beauty that we share in this life. This is always important, but even more so when the earth seems to shift beneath us. Keep your eyes up, your lens clean, and you’ll see the beauty all around you – all the way to the horizon.” Luke Gentry