Reactivating your subscription.

Steps for reactivating your “active-status” subscription.

1. Click on the “My Account” icon located on top, far right of the homepage (just left of the cart icon)

2. On the “My Account” Page, enter in your Username or Email Address and Password, then click “Log in”

3. Click on “Subscription” (3rd down on the far left list)

4. Find the Subscription that shows “Active” status and then click on “View.”

5. Turn off “Auto Renew” and refresh the page.

6. After it’s refreshed and you see that more “actions” are available. Click on “Add Payment”.

7. On the next page that loads, check the box next to the card you wish to use or add a new card. If you want to update the card for all your Subscriptions, also check the box “Update card for All Subscriptions.”

8. Click “Change Payment Method”

9. Once you see the correct payment method next to “Payment,” click “Renew Now”

Then you are all set!

You will once again be able to enjoy your CBD products automatically every month!