Introducing Floyd’s of Leadville Subscribe and Save

Save time, money and never run out of Floyd’s CBD with auto shipping

Our mission is to bring you the purest and highest quality CBD and deliver it in a way that fits into your active lifestyle. While many of our products are designed to be used on the run, or literally on your run, what happens when you run out? While we’ve heard tales of a CBD Fairy that magically replenishes your supply our attempts to leave open Tincture and SoftGel bottles under the pillow have been met with increased laundry duties.

Until we receive proof of this mythical #relaxandrecover replenisher, we’re excited to announce our Floyd’s CBD Subscription for all SoftGels and Tinctures. You’ll get our CBD products delivered right to your door on a monthly recurring basis, and save money.

Here’s how it works: Save 10% off your favorite SoftGel or Tincture by selecting the “Monthly” option when adding to cart to complete first order, which will automatically be placed at the beginning of each month. Shipping is free for orders over $50 and can be canceled at any time.

That’s it—never run out of CBD again! There’s never been a more convenient and affordable way to stay on top of your CBD regimen.