Isolate vs Full Spectrum

What CBD is right for you?

Many people have questions about Full Spectrum vs. Isolate CBD. Which is best for me? And the like. To start with, the difference is quite simple:

Full Spectrum CBD

Uses the whole plant and contains trace amounts (less than 0.3%) of THC and other cannabinoids that might well enhance the overall CBD effect on the body.

Isolate CBD

A THC-free alternative that contains no trace amounts of other cannabinoids for those people who prefer to avoid even the most minute traces of THC.

As to which one is best for you is merely a matter of preference. Some people want to avoid any THC altogether, however minimal. And others prefer to gain what’s known as the entourage effect of using Full Spectrum CBD.

The Entourage Effect

Research studies are showing that Full Spectrum CBD carries a host of other cannabinoids, which may create an “entourage effect” that works optimally with the human body’s natural endocannabinoid system. For the sake of analogy, Full Spectrum CBD interacts with other cannabinoids much the same way vitamins are more effectively absorbed from whole foods sources than isolates.

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