About Floyd’s of Leadville

Floyd’s Story

Floyd’s story is that of a world-class athlete who attained both extraordinary peaks (winning the Tour De France) and painful valleys. As a professional cyclist, discomfort was a way of life, along with injuries in an ultra-competitive sport. One in particular—a 35 mile-per-hour crash—changed everything, and resulted in a hip replacement at the age of 31. Floyd turned to opioids, powerful drugs with well-documented side effects, to manage the pain.

Downward Spiral

After his injury Floyd started to rely on opioids, not only for pain relief but from the realization his time as one of the world’s best athletes was over. Physically, he was in pain. Mentally, Floyd was struggling. He was left with the frightening task of picking up the pieces and trying to redefine himself; Floyd was no longer a professional athlete in one of the most popular sports in the world. He was now a former athlete with numerous lingering painful injuries. Until he found CBD.

Finding CBD

In the past, doctors were quick to prescribe opioids or other addictive drugs. Floyd knew there had to be a better way than falling into a pill bottle and never emerging. As a resident of Colorado, he tried CBD. In a short time Floyd had left prescription medication behind and discovered how CBD would be an important part of his life. Floyd created Floyd’s of Leadville to share his experience with the world.

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Floyd’s New Purpose

Floyd is passionate about helping others, that’s why he carefully developed a premium CBD product line to help people get over the pain and back in the game.

Used by Top Athletes

As a former elite athlete who pushed himself beyond the limit and suffered the physical and mental anguish that such exertion can bring, Floyd Landis has seen it all. He has sought out a number of herbs, supplements, and alleged cure-all natural remedies to help him alleviate pain and enhance recovery. Only one truly worked: CBD. Studies are examining how it optimizes the body’s ability to perform effectively and improve recovery rate. Floyd’s Of Leadville has opened a door to other high-performance athletes who have now discovered its numerous health and performance effects.


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