It’s A Floyd’s CBD Frightfest this Halloween

All Hallows’ Eve: Couch-Streaming, Cannabidiol, and Chill

We’ve had enough with the tricks this year, it’s time for some treats. While knocking on strangers’ doors and demanding candy isn’t high on the list of approved activities this year, why not treat yourself to an adult evening at home, log in to Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Prime or Itunes, and watch one of our new favorite frightening Halloween films of 2020. In a year that keeps on streaming by, we’re here to push your bandwidth to the limit. So, light the pumpkins, pop a Full Spectrum CBD Gem and cozy up to the sofa. Pro pairing tip? Try a Cola Gem with a handful of  freshly popped popcorn — it’s the closest you’ll get to a movie theatre concession stand.

The Invisible Man

While not the most original premise, this modern take on H.G Wells’ 1897 sci fi novel has just enough thrills, chills and twists to leave you entertained until the very end. Action packed and a thrill until the very end — watch it with a needy ex for an added creepiness factor.

The Host

If you’ve found yourself huddled at home over a Zoom meeting wondering what would happen if the host began experiencing paranormal activity, then check out The Host. Roger Ebert calls it “one of the most entertaining new horror movies to be released since quarantine began in mid-March.” For bonus points, start secretly tossing objects around the room on your next online meeting with the boss and deny everything.


Remember that creepy scene in The Shining where the cackling old lady climbs out of the bathtub and goes after Jack Nicholson? If you’re ready for an hour and half of a creepy old house terrorized by a deteriorating and deranged elderly mother, then this one checks the classic Hallween boxes. Watch it with your dear old mom for extra credit.

The Lodge

Yet another film in the vein of The Shining, this chilling film revolves around a remote cabin in the dead of winter with a parental figure that spirals downward into a surreal and solitary psychological thriller. Are they crazy? Are they being set up? Who’s the real killer? For a real thrill, cut your teens cell service and watch it right before a weekend family getaway.

The Rental 

You’re familiar with the plot — a group of friends get away for the weekend only to discover there is something creepy about their rental house and host. Updated for the AirBnb generation, this slasher checks the boxes for a fun, fresh halloween buddy film. For added chuckles, place random Ring cameras all around for your next get together with friends and claim ignorance.


With a cast of about four, including the forest, this minimalist atmospheric thriller takes place in the forest of the Pacific Northwest and is perfect for the Halloween season. This not-so- far-fetched tale revolves around a kidnapping and escape that feels so familiar you’ll swear you’ve read this story in the news. Beautifully shot and well acted, this film will make you think twice before taking the backway home alone. Looking for an added scare? Chat up every stranger you meet on your next road trip.