Behind the Label: Why your CBD Brand Matters

Professionals trust Floyd’s of Leadville, so you can too

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Outside Online’s latest article Why Most Endurance Elite’s Don’t Endorse CBD (Yet) it’s worth a read. In it, Scott Douglass addresses several relevant questions regarding CBD in sports. As with any new product CBD fact and fiction has occasionally gotten blurred, fortunately we’re here to bring things into focus.  Here at Floyd’s were proud to read the interview with professional athletes Noah Droddy and Peter Stetina regarding how they use and incorporate CBD into their training regimen, as well as why they specifically use and endorse Floyd’s of Leadville. As more athletes turn to CBD in and out of  competition and continue to make cannabidiol mainstream, the importance of purity is once again a topic of conversation. When it comes to professional athletics, sports are more than a game, they’re a livelihood.  That’s why we have always made, and will continue to make, products that professionals can trust.

As a sponsor of numerous athletes across many sports, from Olympians to weekend warriors, we understand the scrutiny that goes into putting any substance in your body. From our organically grown American hemp to our third-party laboratory testing, Floyd’s products are guaranteed to deliver precisely what’s on the label. From permitted trace THC amounts in our full spectrum line to overall CBD content in every product, we offer scannable QR codes that allow you to see exactly what’s in every product.  We understand that many athletes and working professionals are concerned about consuming any amount of THC, which is why Floyd’s offers a complete line of THC-free CBD isolate products. How can you tell if a product is full spectrum or isolate? Choose the white label if you’re opting for isolate, or black label for full spectrum CBD. Floyd’s of Leadville has been trusted by professional athletes since 2016.  We’ve worked hard to build their trust, and yours.

The CBD industry has exploded recently as more people are incorporating cannabidiol into their daily routine to relax, recover, or enhance their active lifestyle. With so many new brands on the market, finding a name you can trust can be confusing. In addition to our full line of creams, balms, tinctures and softgels, our THC-free premium Floyd’s On-the-Go products are designed for single serve convenience and are available at fair prices at thousands of convenient locations around the country as well as on our webstore.  Whether you’re racing your bike across the country, or taking a leisurely road trip around the USA, we’ve got a CBD product for you and a name you can trust.

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