You Don’t Have to Be An Athlete to Use Floyd’s of Leadville

CBD for Everybody and Every Body

As a CBD company started by Professional Cyclist Floyd Landis, Floyd’s of Leadville has become well respected and recognized within the world of sports, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an athlete to take advantage of our convenient and easy to use CBD products.

Is CBD only for athletes?

No, we believe CBD is for everyone! Due to the constant training stress that athletes face, CBD has become popular in the sports community for its restorative properties. Check out our Intro to CBD article to take a deep dive on CBD.

Why Floyd’s of Leadville?

All CBD is not created equally. Just as all vitamins aren’t the same, CBD’s effectiveness is determined by the purity and potency. At Floyd’s Of Leadville, we go to great lengths to ensure that you are getting the purest, highest-quality CBD possible. We share our certified third-party lab results on the website for everyone to see. Our CBD products are the purest and the most potent on the market.

CBD For Every Lifestyle:

Have you been picking up extra shifts at work, spending more time chasing the kids or finally tackling that bathroom remodel all by yourself?  Start your day with a cup of Stage 17  CBD infused coffee and recharge your morning routine. No time to get to the store? For a healthy lunch for your body and mind, scoop up a Folyd’s Recovery Protein shake with 25mg of CBD and 27g of protein and only 180 calories per serving. Or, fight that mid-afternoon slump with a Recovery Bar as you dash out the door.  Aches and pains slowing down your daily routine? Add a few drops of versatile Tincture to your bedtime routine so you can tackle it all again tomorrow.

These are just a few examples of how you can incorporate Floyd’s into every facet of your day. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go we’ve got a convenient way to incorporate CBD into every part of your day.