Corey Hilliard’s World Record Attempt!

Key West, Florida to Madawaska, Maine in under 11 Days

From record setting fixed gear climbing attempts to gravel races across Kenya, ambassador Corey Hilliard is no stranger to two-wheeled challenges. This September 1st he’s got his eyes set on something that’s got us raising our eyebrows as he raises money for a great cause.

What’s he doing!? 

“On September 1, 2021 I will ride my bicycle from Key West, Florida to Madawaska, Maine to break the current Guinness World Record of 11 days and 9 hours. The purpose of the trip is to raise money for Ride Up Grades, a nonprofit in Brooklyn, New York dedicated to educating kids about cycling and scholarships. The route will travel north along the coastline mostly on or parallel to Route 1.

What’s his plan?

“I will ride to Savanna, Georgia for a shower, a meal, a full 8 hours of sleep, another massive meal then ride to Baltimore, Maryland for the same. I will stop in Philadelphia to hug my mom then continue north.. I will head to Portland, Maine for a lobster sandwich then cruise upstate for the finish.”

Why’s he riding? 

To raise money for Ride Up Grades, which seeks to bridge both the transportation and health divide in low-income communities through cycling. They break down the barrier to entry for teenagers and families to start commuting and competing through free group rides, road cycling instruction, and a road racing youth scholarships as they aim to turn the sedentary into cyclists, and commuters into competitors. Donate and support this great cause right here:

How’s Corey fueling with Floyd’s? 

Corey has been training and preparing for this and is a veteran endurance cyclist known for his enthusiasm on and off the bike.

Corey is planning to take two bottles of Floyd’s Hydration Fuel and one bottle of Recovery Protein every four hours in addition to two CBD SoftGels every 12 hours and CBD Gems every few hours as a tasty treat.

We’ll make sure to stock him up with plenty of CBD Recovery Balm once he gets home and hits the couch for a few days… or months.

What else is on the menu?

“I will be eating bacon during the trip; a lot if I can gut it. I will get a few pounds in Miami, St Augustine, and Baltimore. I will get a 3 pound cheesesteak in Delaware, lobster in Massachusetts. Oh, and a beer in Madawaska Maine… maybe two.”

Go Corey! We’ll be rooting for you. 

If you live along this route and are interested in cheering for or supporting Corey at any point during his journey drop us a line on Instagram. Likewise, follow Corey @coreythecourier and give him all the virtual high fives he’ll need along the way.