Farm to Fork Fondo

At Floyd’s of Leadville, we produce premium CBD products for athletes and active lifestyles.

You’re an athlete, right? You know that, but maybe you are not so sure exactly what CBD is.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a compound contained in the various plants of the cannabis family. At Floyd’s we extract CBD from hemp as an Isolate that’s free of THC, the other cannabis-derived compound people are familiar with, or Full Spectrum with trace THC to boost the effect of CBD. Neither will get you “high”; what they can do is help with training and recovery. You’ve signed up for an epic event, so the chances are you need all the help you can get with training and recovery.

CBD offers a number of potential benefits that could help you during the event. If you want to know how CBD can help you, we’ve put together a guide here.

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