Floyd’s Rx

CBD + G for You & Me

If you’ve been poking around the web store you might have noticed some new blue bottles named FloydsRx. This line was originally designed for the needs of chiropractors and other wellness professionals with a formulation that contains the addition of CBG to CBD. To best serve the needs of all our customers, we’re now making it available directly to you.

Found in low concentration, CBG is CBD’s lesser-known compound cousin, and like CBD it’s non-psychoactive. By combining CBD and CBG into a formulation means greater potential for combined potency—aka the “entourage effect”—of multiple cannabinoids plus a wider array of terpenes.

While CBG’s benefits are yet to be completely understood, scientific interest is growing for a number of potential uses.

FloydsRx is THC-free and offered as two products:

Both are now available in our web store. Questions about if FloydsRx is right for you? We’re glad to help at info@floydsofleadville.com.