Know your CBD:

Hemp—It’s In the Box (literally)

Did you know the average American uses 700 pounds of paper a year, most of it in the form of packaging? Combining hemp fiber with post-consumer paper waste creates a sustainable material stronger than the original in the form of hemp paper packaging. That’s why, in addition to using hemp to create our CBD products, Floyd’s chooses forest friendly packaging from Hemp Press, the first and only exclusively hemp paper print shop.

Hemp is a big deal here at Floyd’s. Not only is this incredible plant used to create our CBD products, but we’ve taken it one step further by choosing hemp paper packaging as well. While using paper made from recycled material is a more sustainable option, it isn’t strong enough on its own to package most products. But adding hemp fiber creates a stronger material ideal for manufacturing boxes. Hemp paper is 25% hemp & 75% post-consumer paper waste, making it one of the most sustainable packaging options available today. Similar to the way rods of rebar strengthen concrete, hemp can be relied on to provide structural integrity, both inside and out.

If you’ve ever had to apply your full body weight to a blue trash can, you might have realized that the USA is consuming more packaging than ever before. Here at Floyd’s, we love doing E-commerce with you all but we don’t want to be part of an unsustainable industry model. After all, we love going outside and it would be a shame to damage the environment when we sell stuff that lets you go out and enjoy it.

Historically hemp has been used for paper for longer than wood. The first draft of the Declaration of Independence was written on Dutch hemp paper. Hemp grows faster than wood, and provides a fiber that can be used for everything from clothing to cardboard. Indeed, Popular Mechanics thought hemp was set to be a “billion dollar industry” in 1938. Sadly, associations with Marijuana and powerful lobbying by the newspaper industry soon led to hemp becoming nothing more than a tiny percentage of the paper market.

But it’s 2019 and hemp is back! With the Passage of the new Farm Bill and companies like ours leading the way, we hope that hemp will continue to help us save the world from the inside out. We hope you’ll be able to relax and recover a little more easily knowing that your premium organic CBD comes to you in a way that is kind to the planet as well as your body.