Hydration Tips to Beat the Burn

How, When, and Why you Should Fuel with Floyd’s

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Olympian or a weekend warrior, hydration is key to optimizing your performance, especially now that summer is in full swing. Don’t have a driver next to you handing bottles out the window on your races and training rides? Neither do we…anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have pro level hydration available in the palm of your hand.

While everyone has their own specific hydration needs, The American Council on Exercise recommends these guidelines before, during, and after a workout:

Drink 17-20 oz. two to three hours before you exercise.

Drink 8 oz. 20-30 minutes before you exercise.

Drink 7-10 oz. every 10-20 minutes during exercise.

Drink 8 oz. no more than 30 minutes after exercise

That’s a lot! How much are you drinking? In addition to when you drink, what you drink can be just as important. Our bodies require electrolytes to replace the sodium, magnesium and potassium we lose through perspiration. In addition to electrolytes, our bodies require carbohydrates to fuel our muscles during intense exercise and ward off the dreaded “bonk” that follows a sudden drop in blood sugar.

Floyd’s has you covered… and then some! In addition to electrolytes and complex carbohydrates, Floyd’s Hydration Fuel features branched chain amino acids, or BCAA’s, that have been shown to prolong muscle performance and recovery during and after exercise. And, because it’s from Floyd’s, our Hydration Fuel is stacked with 5mg of pure CBD isolate per serving to get you into the relax and recover zone while you workout.

Floyd’s Hydration Fuel is here for you.  We want you to hydrate, perform, and recover. Fuel your next ride with our convenient single serve packets, or up your game with a 16oz bag.