It’s November and the official start of ski season!

While it may not feel like winter yet in your neighborhood, resorts across the country have gotten pounded with fresh powder and have already begun to open their slopes.

Since we’re still amateurs on the ice, we unstuck our frozen tongues from the chairlift and caught up with Floyd’s ski ambassador Jordan Chamberlain for some pro CBD tips before we scoot over the pass to Aspen.

Warmer is Better

“I love using the recovery balm before and after I go snowboarding. I rub the CBD Warming Balm onto my lower back and anywhere else where I feel aches and pains. The menthol in the product helps a lot to relieve discomfort.”

Mid-Activity Recovery is Cool

“I hiked Mount Olympus twice in a row this summer totaling 8,200 vertical feet and 15 miles in six and-a-half hours. After my first lap, I went to my car and loaded the CBD Cooling Balm onto my back, knees and hips before heading back up to the peak. The cooling effect of the menthol immediately took away the aches that I was feeling in my body”

Always Pack a Snack

“The CBD Gems are so good! I go through them way too fast. They make a perfect trail snack.”

Shake up Your Recovery Routine

“After a day in the backcountry on my snowboard, I always come home and make my protein shake with Floyd’s Chocolate or Vanilla CBD Recovery Protein powder, along with two huge handfuls of kale, banana, and oat milk. It tastes like dessert!”