Know Your CBD: Get some Zzzzs

What if there was a way you could be leaner, faster, happier, and better looking? You’d think we were telling lies or selling drugs. Or both. If we told you this magic bullet was free, you’d probably think we’d dipped into the Floyd’s Fine Cannabis stash. But we haven’t, the panacea exists and you already use it, just probably not nearly enough.

What we’re talking about of course is sleep. Virtually every bodily function depends on it and we get less now than ever. Most of us live in a pretty permanent state of “sleep debt,” which can reduce reaction time, increase body weight and will probably make you worse as an athlete. In one study sleep deprived baseball players tended to have shorter careers and higher rates of injury, while another showed that when Stanford University basketball players set a minimum goal of ten hours of rest per night, their free throw percentages and 3-point shot percentages went up by nine percent.

Despite a mountain of evidence that it isn’t a good idea, modern society has more or less normalized going to bed late, staring at a screen all day, waking up early and consuming a lot of stimulants. All of these things decrease the quality as well as the quantity of sleep we get.

A recent Consumer Reports survey suggests that more people are trying CBD to help sleep and/or as a replacement for other sleep aids. At Floyd’s we support many top athletes with our CBD products, and lots of them tell us that using CBD for not only recovery but also to assist with a healthy sleep routine.

“Sleep is the most powerful recovery tool that there is,” said Professional Triathlete Andrew Talansky. “CBD has become an integral part of my evening routine to help me wind down from the day and prepare for a restful night of sleep.”

Peter Morning, a cyclist and photographer, credits getting more sleep as an important part of his 100 lb weight loss. Before using CBD he often woke at 3am. “Now if I take a SoftGel before bed I actually get a good night’s sleep and don’t wake up feeling lousy, like I would if I took Nyquil. It lets me relax.”

Ryan Steers of the Giant Factory Racing Team uses CBD as part of his pre-event routine. “When I’m amped up before an event, CBD helps me calm down and get the sleep I need.”

We’re all about relaxing and recovering here at Floyd’s and sleep is a crucial part of that. That’s why we’re signing off this weeks blog now, because it’s naptime in Leadville.

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