Relax Harder, Get Stronger?

We’ve Got the Building Blocks for Success

As most athletes know, consuming an adequate amount of protein is necessary in maintaining muscle mass. Regular exercise damages muscle tissue, which in turn is repaired; it’s this repeating cycle of training and recovery that allows us to become stronger, faster, and fitter. Protein plays an important role in the muscle recovery process. But not all protein products are created equally.

Research has shown the critical role that branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, play in post exercise recovery, which is why we’ve included them in Floyd’s Recovery Protein. There are 9 essential amino acids that are not manufactured within the body and must be consumed from an outside source (phenylalaninevalinethreoninetryptophanmethionineleucineisoleucinelysine, and histidine). In fact, we pack 45g of amino acids in every serving of Recovery Protein, in addition to 25mg of pure CBD Isolate so you can #relaxandrecover in one convenient, delicious product.

Here’s what we don’t include: additives, fillers, or nasty artificial chemicals or flavors. Our Recovery Protein is flavored with organic vanilla beans or raw cacao, and is sweetened with natural organic sugar and Stevia so you can eat clean and get lean.

Did we mention it’s convenient? In addition to 1lb bags, we offer single serving packets that are perfect for your gym bag or jersey pocket so you can mix up a perfect recovery shake when and where it’s convenient for you.