We’re Growing.
And Growing.

From Amish hemp farms to convenience store shelves, we’re on a mission.

If you’ve been following us over the last three years, you might have noticed we’ve been busy. We expanded from making just tinctures and softgels to an array of CBD infused topical products, food and recovery products. Lately you might have noticed the individually packaged Floyd’s On The Go line; our mission is to make the highest quality CBD products, and this is our way to ensure they’re convenient to incorporate into your active lifestyle.

In late 2018 the Farm Bill paved the way for our CBD to be enjoyed around the country and we took our hard to miss bright yellow Floyd’s vans on the road, hitting as many cities and expos as we could during the last year. We’ve partnered with some amazing events over the last year, handed out samples, answered questions and watched you compete in our gear and look forward to keeping our show on the road as we finalize our 2020 events.

As we’ve grown, so has our need for high quality organically farmed hemp. We moved from sourcing our hemp exclusively from our home state of Colorado and began working with Amish farmers around Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Floyd’s hometown. Why Amish hemp? These farmers and their families have been tending the same land for 300 years and have been practicing some of the most eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices in the world. This fall will be our first harvest and we’ve been working with 51 local farmers on 65 acres. Hemp is a labor intensive crop but it’s been a great growing season. While we still have to cut and dry the harvest, we expect to yield close to 80,000 pounds of high quality, high-CBD content hemp. We’ve put money back into the local economy and have become a resource on hemp cultivation in the region as more farmers begin to convert their fields to this sustainable, and profitable crop.

Hemp Farming

Hemp Farm in Lancaster, PA

Pretty soon we’ll have a Café in Lancaster to serve up coffee, bites, CBD and conversation; and of course, bikes. We’ll certainly keep you updated as the opening date approaches in the fall.

Even if you live far away from PA, you’re probably going to start seeing more of us. While we’ve made CBD convenient, our sales team has been hard at work making sure we’re at the most convenient locations. Look around next time you fill up your gas tank at a gas station or shop for produce at the grocery store. We’re now available at more than 6,000 stores around the country, so chances are there’s a little Leadville near you. With the individually packaged gems and soft gels we’ve changed the way you can buy CBD, but we’ll never change the way we make it: from the best American grown hemp.

We want to thank you for your loyalty. Whether you’ve just enjoyed a Floyd’s product for the first time, or took your first tincture three years ago, we really appreciate it. We love to hear your stories and how we were able to help; it keeps us focused on the future as we remain true to our founding principles and continue to bring you premium CBD products at fair prices. We know we’re not the only CBD game in town, we just want to be the best.

Curious about where we’ll be or think there’s something we absolutely can’t miss? Check us out on @floydsleadville in Instagram and don’t hesitate to reach out. We love to hear from you.

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