What’s the Floyd’s Difference?

Our CBD Quality Starts at the Farm.

With so many CBD products on the market and new labels popping up daily, it seems like everyone has a CBD business these days. What makes Floyd’s a leader in the industry? Floyd’s commitment to excellence and insistence on providing the highest quality CBD products at the lowest possible price has led to Floyd’s CBD products being sold at thousands of locations around the country.

Our Quality Starts at the Farm:

High quality CBD comes from the finest hemp plants. This week we sat down with Farmer Wayne based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania so he can explain what makes Floyd’s of Leadville’s farming operation so unique.

Floyd’s: Is all hemp created equally? What makes Floyd’s plants so unique?

Farmer Wayne: We predominantly use local cultivars that have been selectively bred from compliant CBD varieties.  This past year we refined the genetics a little more based on our favorites from the year before. Objectives for our selective breeding criteria include pest resistance, vigor, and cannabinoid production.

Floyd’s: Can you share more about where our hemp plants come from?

Farmer Wayne: The plants come from seed at a local greenhouse.  We direct a program with a local greenhouse to continually select new mother stock from that same favorable lineage and every year that mother stock produces hundreds of thousands of seeds. In some cases we actually direct seed them with a ‘seed drill’. This is a technique used for crops such as corn that gives consistent rows and seed/plant per acre.

Floyd’s: And do you use any special farming techniques?

Farmer Wayne: We are farming no till, chemical free. 

Floyd’s: Chemical-free and pesticide-free has definitely been our motto since day one.

Floyd’s: How is it farming hemp in the Pennsylvania climate?

Farmer Wayne: This year has been quite humid and warm, which is great for hemp. There have been some small dry spells with high heat, but those have been followed with ample rain. It’s been an almost perfect year for hemp crops from June on.

Floyd’s: And what kind of soil are you farming in?

Farmer WayneCalcareous topsoil, no-till farm land. 

Floyd’s: Can you share more about where our hemp plants come from?

Floyd’s: So “no till” means you can grow hemp without disturbing the natural composition of the soil, which decreases erosion, and increases the amount of water that gets into the soil and allows it to retain more organic matter and nutrients.
What about pests?

Farmer Wayne: We have had no issues with pests.  If a pest issue were to arise, we would respond with organic approved treatment.

Floyd’s: And what about the lab testing process? That’s so important for ensuring a final high quality CBD product.

Farmer Wayne: All testing is done at third party labs with HPLC analysis for chemical constituents and contaminants.

Floyd’s: What about extraction techniques? How do you get the CBD oil out of these hemp plants?

Farmer Wayne: We employ a cryogenic ethanol extraction process and process the hemp flower for its rich cannabinoid content.

Floyd’s: And how does this translate into the overall purity of the product?

Farmer WayneThe advantage we have, considering we have this processing facility, is that we can use our distillation systems to further purify and refine the distillate for multiple passes and we can refine it in such a way that we get higher quality in our final products. 

Floyd’s: How and when are the hemp plants harvested?

Farmer WayneUsually in late September or possibly October. The plants are dried and transported to the extraction facility for further processing. We keep it as simple as possible, from soil to oil. We make it from the ground up and can control quality and select the best product for our brand. It’s a genuinely great product and we may have some great new things coming soon!

Floyd’s: Fall is not that far away. We look forward to touching base with you again to see how the harvest went. Thanks for your time and all the care and attention you put into farming the highest quality hemp in the most natural way possible. Floyd’s fine CBD journey begins right here with you on the farm. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us next.

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