Which CBD Is Right For Me?

Part 3: Let’s Get Topical

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In our last two product series we dove into hemp oil tinctures and CBD consumables. Today we’ll discuss CBD topicals as a method to apply cannabidiol directly to the area that needs it most. There are many ways that people use topical CBD. We’ll dive into the differences between balms and creams, as well as popular methods and locations of application in this third and final chapter in our series – Which CBD Product Is Right for Me? Part 3: Let’s Get Topical

What is topical CBD?

Topical CBD products are designed to be used externally and applied directly to the skin.

What kind of topical products are there?

We offer two types of topical CBD products that are available in the form of either a balm or a cream. However, some people prefer to use CBD tincture oil directly on their skin and utilize it as a topical rather than a consumable.

What’s the difference between balms and cream?

Our balms are oil based and have a thicker texture. Balms are made from botanicals and essential oils and form a protective layer on the skin, while our Sports Cream has the consistency of lotion and absorbs quickly.

What’s better, CBD balm or cream?

Well, that depends. Customers who have joint aches and pains tell us they enjoy the balm more for it’s soothing botanical and thick coating properties that allows the product to stay adhered to the surface of the skin. Some products like our Lavender Balm contain lidocaine, which gives it an added boost. Athletes, on the other hand, may gravitate toward our Sports Cream because it’s quick, easy, and clean to apply directly to sore muscles before or after a race.
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Do CBD creams and balms contain THC?

That depends. We offer our balms in both full spectrum, which contains less than .3% THC,  and isolate formulations that contain zero THC so you can choose. As with all of our other CBD products, our balms contain pure CBD oil from organically farmed American hemp. Our Sports Cream is only available as THC-free isolate.

Does CBD really work on the skin?

Yes! While there have been numerous bodies of research on topical CBD, scientists are still finding new ways and methods that cannabidiol works both on and below the surface of the skin. For more science and data on the subject check out this recent article from Discover Magazine

Are there any side effects of topical CBD?

There have been no known side effects from using CBD topically.  At Floyd’s of Leadville, our products contain only natural ingredients and no fillers or additives.

How much CBD is in a topical product?

Our topical balms are available in 180mg and 600mg containers and while dose size varies depending on the individual, most people start with a pea-sized amount rubbed directly on the affected area. Floyd’s of Leadville Sports Cream is available in 350mg and 1200mg convenient easy pump packaging that dispenses 12mg of CBD per pump.

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