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$5 shipping • FREE shipping on orders over $50!

CBD Purity

The Power of Purity

All CBD is not created equally. It’s kind of like vitamins—the effectiveness is determined by the purity and potency. At Floyd’s Of Leadville, we go to great lengths to ensure that you are getting the purist, highest-quality CBD possible. All of our products are sourced from hemp organically grown under the clear blue sky, right here in Colorado. We source “seed to shelf” hemp without additives, chemicals, or residuals. In fact, Floyd’s Of Leadville is so confident in the quality of our CBD, that we share our certified third-party lab results on the website for everyone to see. To put it simply simply, our CBD products are the purest, most potent, and benefit-laden on the market. And we stand by that claim by revealing our certified lab results so that you can see for yourself.

CBD Tinctures

600mg Tincture Isolate
600mg Tincture Full Spectrum
1200mg Tincture Isolate
1200mg Tincture Full Spectrum
1800mg Tincture Isolate

CBD Softgels

25mg SoftGel Isolate
25mg SoftGel Full Spectrum
50mg SoftGel Isolate
50mg SoftGel Full Spectrum

Hydration & Protein Mixes

250mg Recovery Protein, Vanilla, Isolate CBD
2050mg Recovery Protein, Chocolate, Isolate CBD
50mg Hydration Fuel, Fruit Punch, Isolate CBD

CBD Balms & Creams

350mg Topical Cream Isolate
1200mg Topical Cream Isolate

CBD Gems

10mg Isolate Gummy

Floyd's Rx

2500mg Tincture
60mg Tablets

Essential Odessa

600mg Pet Tincture Full Spectrum
1200mg Pet Tincture Full Spectrum