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A new venue for our new Stage 17 Coffee

From Leadville to Lancaster: Welcome to Floyd’s Cafe

Introducing Lancaster’s newest hub for coffee, bikes, bites and CBD.

If you’ve been following Floyd’s of Leadville over the last six months then it’s no surprise that we’ve been spending a lot of time in Pennsylvania. In addition to establishing our hemp farming and CBD production operation, we’re giving back and helping to build a community hub in founder Floyd Landis’ hometown of Lancaster, PA. Floyd has a long connection with Central Pennsylvania farm country. From his childhood days riding through the rolling farm country to recently establishing a hemp farming operation, Floyd’s hometown cafe is a homecoming for both Landis, and an East Coast hub for the Floyd’s of Leadville CBD business.  For day-to-day operations Floyd tapped Jake Sitler to help establish a local presence with hemp cultivation, community relationships, and collaboration with roasters to help launch Stage 17 coffee. Jake discovered the benefits of CBD after a cycling crash and subsequent back injury, and along with his wife Jamie, is half of the local team behind Floyd’s Cafe Lancaster (or one-third if you count their newborn son Fletcher). While the cafe has only been open for two weeks, it’s been a huge success. We caught up with Jake this week over coffee to touch base about farming, riding bikes, roasting beans, and the future of Floyd’s in Lancaster.

Most of our audience is probably unfamiliar with with Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Could you please paint a picture of the city for us?

Lancaster is being touted as the new Brooklyn. It’s a city that celebrates its old historic districts and small businesses. The people of Lancaster are extremely loyal to their favorite spots and always looking for new and unique ideas. Lancaster is surrounded by beautiful farm lands that bring a progressive vibe of agriculture and commerce all in one.

The original idea of a Floyd’s of Leadville CBD and coffee cafe was conceived in late 2018, and here we are just over a year later sipping custom roasted CBD infused coffee in a brand new shop in the heart of the city. How has the local Lancaster community responded to Floyd’s Cafe?

The launch party on January 3rd was great and the turnout was beyond humbling. Hundreds of friends, family members, and loyal fans came out to show their support for the new cafe.

We were following along with the Floyd’s Cafe Instagram account and it looked like quite the event. What’s the vibe been like in the last two weeks since opening day on January 7th?

People have raved about the coffee and stopped in to purchase some of their favorite Floyd’s of Leadville products, including Van Dessel bikes.  We carry all of our CBD items in addition to coffee and merchandise.

Floyd's Cafe Opening

You also mentioned that part of your goal with the cafe is to give back to the local community, what’s your vision?

On the cafe side one big goal has been job creation in addition to creating a social hub for the community. We will be working with the Vista School in our area to provide career and job opportunities for adults with autism. With our hemp operation we’ve partnered with dozens of local farmers in the area and hope to boost the agricultural community by providing a profitable crop for them to grow in an area that was formerly known for tobacco production.  Hemp must be grown as cleanly and sustainably as possible, so we hope that as a whole we can help spread the importance of pesticide free agricultural practices to keep the community ecologically healthy as well.

And let’s not forget about the cycling component. 

Yes! We look forward to being the go to ride spot for the Central PA ride community.

We are working on a ride schedule which we will release shortly. We are hoping for 1-2 organized rides a week during the winter months.

Describe the typical customer, are they all cyclists? 

It’s everyone! From cyclists, to tattoo artists, to counselors, to craft coffee drinkers, to regular CBD users and people in pain.

What’s currently on the menu at Floyd’s Cafe Lancaster?

Right now we have all coffee offerings in either CBD or non CBD format thanks to the great Lion Head Roasters in Granby, CO. As well as our coffee, we are serving muffins, cupcakes, and pastries. And of course, our full line of Floyd’s of Leadville CBD products. We’ve got more dining options coming in the spring and we will have dedicated outdoor seating and food from the Kilted Griller food truck when the weather is a little warmer.

And we have to ask because the Stage 17 coffee has been such a hit, are there any other roasts in the works?

Shhh. It’s a secret!

Sounds like we’ll just have to wait and find out. Thanks for joining us this week Jake! We look forward to following along with the cafe’s success. For those of you out there who live in Pennsylvania or the surrounding area make sure to put Lancaster on your list of travel and weekend getaway destinations.

Floyd’s Cafe Lancaster can be found at: 237 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603 and online @floydscafelancaster.